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Chris Brown has finally been cleared to leave the Philippines! The clearance came Friday after it was determined that the singer had no legal obligations in Southeast Asia!

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There’s a Scandal at the White House, and it has nothing to do with Congress! This time, it’s Malia Obama who’s at the center of all the drama. Check out the details below!



Sony Pictures has now decided to release their controversial film “The Interview” on Christmas Day as previously scheduled.

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Diddy is demanding that President Obama intervene in the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Janelle Monae is showing off the visuals for her song “Electric Lady.”  She unleashed the music to the title track from her 2013 album on Wednesday.

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Barack Obama

For all the minorities, particularly black men, who feel President Obama didn’t do anything for them so far in his term as President can breathe a sigh of relief.


Obama Nelson Mandela SpeechPresident Obama gave another impressive speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial today.  Along with First Lady Michelle Obama, The Bushes and The Clintons, President Obama hopped on Air Force 1 last night to make a moving speech at Mandela’s National Memorial service in South Africa today.  Citizens and leaders from around the world gathered outside of Johannesburg at FNB Stadium, also known as Soccer City to remember the greatness of South Africa’s first black President.  You can watch the speech below.  READ MORE


President Obama is offended by the Washington Redskins’s name.

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