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In recent weeks, T.I. has published letters to now former President Barack Obama and President Trump, offering a measure of praise for the former and questions for the latter. Now, he’s sharing his lengthiest written message yet, one that’s addressed to black America as the community looks for answers on how to make today better so tomorrow is great.


President Barack Obama Farewell Speech: Full Video


Eight years ago, Barack Obama inspired Americans to embrace political change with the mantra “yes we can.” He bade them farewell Tuesday after a historic, tumultuous presidency with the words “yes we did.”

Obama revived the spirit and idealism of his 2008 campaign in a nostalgic, sometimes emotional final address to the nation from his hometown of Chicago, 10 days before he cedes power to Donald Trump, his antithesis in personality and politics.



This morning, Joint Base Andrews was placed on lockdown after reports an active shooter on Maryland’s military base surfaced. The base is about 20 miles from Washington D.C. and hosts aircraft used by President Barack Obama.



President Obama took to the podium to make a statement on the Eric Garner decision which in some ways echoed his Mike Brown statement while at the same time promising that change is in the works. hopefully we’ll see that sooner rather than later.

The homies over at HipHopEnquirer report First Lady Michelle Obama addressed crowds at Time Warner Cable Arena on the opening night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Delegates from all over the country expressed appreciation and respect for the First Lady, admiring her as a wife, mother, and for her role as First Lady in addressing key issues such as childhood obesity. “I think she has been perfect as First Lady,” said Maryland Delegate Jessy Mejia. “She couldn’t have been a more excellent role model for minority women.” READ MORE

Christmas is around the corner and everyone’s in the “holiday spirit” including Mr. President Barack Obama and his family. The Obamas as well as other big names such as Jennifer Hudson, Cee Lo Green, and Justin Bieber attended the concert of christmas carols which benefited for the Children’s National Medical Center in the capitol. The event was held at The National Building Museum in Washington, DC. READ MORE