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A handful of Prince’s unreleased recordings are totally fair game as far the producer is concerned, because he says he never signed a contract to keep the music under wraps.

Mariah Carey Takes ‘Complex Magazine’


When she’s not touring the country or filming for her new miniseries, Mariah’s World, Mariah Carey is living lavishly and getting fabulous for her long-awaited spread in Complex magazine.


Happy Birthday Purple Rain!

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It’s crazy how I was just talking about the foolery with the man’s family and today is his birthday. Happy birthday to a legend, a true artist, a real person who was not limited at all by what society was dishing out. I don’t know about you but I honestly love artist who are in there own little world. That trait just makes life a lot more smoother to deal with life in a sense, don’t you think?

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To all my artist in the world, my actually talented artist, what are you going to do today in honor of the great Prince? I’m pretty sure Prince is looking down at us right now smiling saying as much as he hates to see his fans sad, he had to go. It was actually confirmed I think a week ago that the actual cause of his death was a drug overdose.

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Do you all think this was on purpose? Do you think he wanted to die? I hope that is not true but with all this madness going on if he wasn’t happy here that conclusion could make sense.

Well whatever the “real” reason was we will not be sad on this day but celebrate the greatness that he left in his legacy!


Oh, So Now You’re Adopted?

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Just when you thought life couldn’t get any crazier, it did, and times 10!! The last post that I made on Prince was regarding his “long lost sister” who decided to come forward claiming that she had rights to part of his estate, right? So I know you thought after that people would get the hint that this isn’t a game and Prince had certain people who have rights to his estate, correct? Welp, you thought wrong because 2 more people have come forward saying that they were adopted and were left $7 million.

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These two people, (one man and one woman who shall remain nameless), had the audacity to come forward after this long. Why would Prince leave you money if you weren’t even thought of? People really come up with the craziest things.

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The original statement said there was no will or trust right? Well, these two people are coming forward saying that there actually is a will and a trust. One person claims the will (whose location no one is clear on at the moment) is where it states his entitlement to the $7 million dollars. I mean really? Could they have come up with a more anmeture plan to become rich? Crazy.

I don’t know what to believe anymore but I hope they began to realize that these claims have to go through full investigations before money just starts to be dished out.

Can He Rest In Peace?


Issues regarding Prince and his most recent death are still very much so alive and mobil. If you all were not aware Prince doctor was under investigation after authorities found out the number of times he had his prescriptions filled in the last seven days of his life. Dr. Michael Schulenberg, not only was very specific as to what he would speak on but we just found out he left his practice. Is that not suspicious, or what?

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I mean if you have nothing to hide and you are innocent then why would you feel the need to  leave your entire practice? Did you not work your entire life for this? What are you trying to cover up? These are the questions that I’m sure many people want the answers to.


On top of this, remember the long lost sister I told you about claiming that she deserves a piece of Prince’s estate? Yes, well just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier it did. Recently, there was also a man claiming to be his son and requesting his cut as well. Sources clearly have no idea how valid this claim is and it is still under investigation. This is just too much mess if you ask me.

It is so true when they say your skeleton’s are not skeleton’s for long!


The creative and irreplaceable legend Prince, who we all now know died last month on the 21st, is now being discussed all through the courts. The distribution over his estate is becoming a lot more questionable then originally anticipated. Prince didn’t have a will so that leaves room for many suspect claims to come through on claiming his estate.