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VIDEO: Zendaya Claims She was Racially Profiled at Vons


Zendaya claims she was racially profiled at a Vons! She went into buy a large supply of gift cards; however, the sales associate refused to help her. The actress immediately took to her Snapchat to let her fans know of the uncomfortable encounter and how things MUST change!

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Say His Name…

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Dayshen McKenzie, another young African-American boy dead because of the hatred in this world. This young boy was running for his life from a racist mob of predominantly white males, with one hispanic who threatened him with a gun. His cause of death was an asthma attack which occurred while he was running for his life. He was attacked with racial slurs as well and apparently this was all over a fall out with some, girl?

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The car that was driven had Pennsylvania tags and all these boys are in their teens. I am honestly speechless. There is just one story after the next about African-Americans dying and racism continuing to be demonstrated.

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I can only imagine what the mother of this young boy is going through. The fact that I’m not even surprised that things like this are still occurring is sad. I shouldn’t be afraid to go on a road trip anywhere in this world because I’m afraid of being racially profiled or caught by rednecks, hill billy’s, or members of the KKK.



I don’t see what joy is brought out of hating so much and for no reason at that.

It’s crazy and at the end of the day, if we are willing killing one race of people we are in turn killing the entire human race. It is just that simple.

When will that sink in?


Grits = Slave Food Now?


Does anyone follow Ray J on social media? I do not, but I was on instagram and happend to keep seeing a video of him on the popular page so of course, curiosity struck me and I watched the video. Not, that this will be a surprise to anyone who is aware of the racism in this world but Ray J said he was disturbed by a comment made by Naomi Judd. Apparently, if you like grtis, get this, it is now considered a SLAVE FOOD.

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In the video Ray J explains that he was on his way to do a new project for Fox and when he got on set all things were good for a while until Naomi made a random comment. Apparently, Naomi Judd said she would rather starve then eat that slave food, referring to grits.


Well of course that comment is an insult and Ray J and his sister Brandy felt some type of way. You could tell in the video that Ray J was really hurt more than angry because he then goes on to say that “I thought we were all just trying to be better people in America.”  Which is so true but so many people are stuck in their ways and will continue to transfer that hate down to their children, that seeing people just as people without color factoring in seems impossible.

So if you haven’t seen what’s been going on with this lately Wacka was scheduled to perform at the University of Oklahoma recently in which he had to cancel due to the surfacing of a racist video of the fraternity that had him there. Click More to see the actual video.

Azaelia Banks

Okay So recently Kendrick said some really controversial things during an interview with Billboard Magazine. One being how people need to get off the back of one Iggy Azalea, known arch nemesis of Banks, and another being that black people need to learn to respect themselves more in light of recent events.

Well Banks didn’t take to kindly to either statement and had this to say.

Swiss Apology for Oprah After Racist Incident

Oprah Winfrey was snubbed by a racist shop assistant in a Zurich store.


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