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Ne-Yo Asks The Courts if He’s Really the Daddy???


Ne-Yo is taking ex-wife, Monyetta Shaw, to court! The singer is lawyered up and ready to find out if “he is/is not the father” of his son and daughter!

Check out the details below!



Pamela Smith, mother of Michael Jordan’s alleged 16 year old son and Jordan are due in court today. The hearing will take place at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, GA. Smith will be represented by family attorney, Randy Kessler, who is in connection to many high profile cases of divorce, paternity, custody, and domestic disputes. Kessler is confident that the proceedings today will not result in the dismissal that Michael Jordan is seeking. Details inside. READ MORE

 Terrell Owens  can’t seem to get things together when it comes to his baby mama drama . Owens appeared on Dr. Phil with three of his — in Dr. Phil’s words — baby mamas to try to work out some of the drama and now it looks like he’s headed to jail if he misses court again.  Owens told an Atlanta radio station that, despite professional setbacks and bad investments, he’s not broke.

Still, T.O. conceded that his “circumstances have changed.” And those circumstances could change again — into jail time — if he doesn’t start making his child-support payments. READ MORE