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Last night Kandi, Tiny, Toya, Diamond, Rasheeda, Nivea, and Neffe all came together for there Boss B*tch night out. The girls got together for karaoke and their ‘tweet and meet’, where they performed Karaoke for a packed house full of loving fans who came out to show their love and support.

The event was hosted by Lil Duval and Special K. Also in attendance was Lyfe Jennings, Yung Joc, Daron from 112, Sir Will and Scrap Deleon all came out .

While in the building, the girls decided they were going to Sing and dance. Yall remember the Kandi and Fantasia TWERK Dance off? Well, I am trying to tell you, the girls did their thing. ESPECIALLY that damn Toya.

Atlanta Throws Haiti Relief Concert

Over the weekend everyone and they mama came out to support Haiti at Club Obsessions. Shout out to Ikonik Relations, Kind of a Big Deal, Rubicon, Antwanette McLaughlin, and Grand Hustle all came together and hosted the event to help raise funds to rebuild Haiti. All proceeds are going to Haiti immediately by way of The Haitian Alliance who sponsored the event. Bree D’Val, Princess, Xtaci, Mac Breezy, Usivercity, Bam, Pastor Troy, Yung LA, and many other local artists came out and supported the cause. There was a surprise performance by the homies Sir Will, Rasheeda, and Nivea as well.

Picture 4

I have got to say its been a while since I have heard a remix to a song where the artist is going in and I actually listened to the words. Now I really don’t know who they are referring to, but we do know Nivea goes in on this remake of Timbaland and Drake’s hit “Say Something”. You can hear it in her lyrics that she is calling out to Lil Weezy F. Baby and wants him to Say Something Baby. Here is a verse were Nivea pour’s her heart out, — who ever she’s talking about {Hummms}…. She went off:

“If we could have worked it out, but I guess things change, its funny how someone else’s success brings pain. When you are no longer involved, and that person has it all,and you just stuck there standing…Im gone need you to say something baby. Wish I could pull you out the game, its the thing that made you change, plus I was your heart, before your blackcard, you told the world about me, before you forgot about me…”

After hearing the song it seems as though Nivea wants to move on but her Boo still got a lil piece of her heart. The song which was recorded for Rasheeda’s mixtape “Boss Bitch Music” will be coming out soon and is clearly going to be a mix tape that goes off. I cant wait to hear it….

Here is the whole song … “Say Something Baby” remix- Nivea ft. Rasheeda

Here is video of them while  they were recording the song …. READ MORE


Over the weekend the homies  Scrappy, Diamond, Kandi, Rasheeda, Toya, and the new love of her life Memphitz got together to throw Scrappy a suprise birthday party. Scrappy who was lost for words knew nothing of the party and just thought that we where all out to bowl lol…


I got to say I had a good time kicking it with my homies. While there I got to chill with Toya’s new BF who is one of the coolest peep’s I’ve ever met, and I have to tell yall she and he are very much in love.  He’s the Vice President of Jive A&R, and he signed T-Pain and J-Kwon to the Jive label.  So yall need to quit hating and just be happy for them.


…  In other news Diamond and Scrappy are very much engaged and recently got each others initials … Here are all the pic’s ….


I got to tell yall I love me some Kandi, Kim, Keri, & Rasheeda… Last night they had twitter land on fire as the world watch the women live on ustream… The ladies took over the Aphiliates studio in the ATL to record tracks for a mix tape which will be out later this year.


With over 41,000 people watching them live on twitter the talked about everything thing their fans wanted to know… The night got even crazier when Wyclef walked in fresh off a plane to record some hits. Here is some video of him singing to the girls …

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Kandi, Toya, Diamond, & Rasheeda were lost for words after all of twitterland came out to their meet and tweet showing them so much love.. I must say that even I was like damn after seeing over 500 people who came out to meet the girls …. Tiny wanted to be there but could not because she had to go see her Boo Mr Harris…

The girls wanted everyone to know that for anyone that could not make this one they will be doing this event again and will be doing it in other cities… Kandi, Toya, Diamond, & Rasheeda I only have  one suggestion if yall dont mind please make it closer to a bus-line cause everyone don’t have cars and gas for all that driving… LOL Here are all the pictures …