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TomJoyner-niccikekewyattxenoniaTom Joyner, Nicci Gilbert,KeKe Wyatt, ChakaKhan,Xernona Clayton,Monifah, Syleena Johnson and Lacosha Scott-Trumpet Awards

The R & B Divas were at it again. Back to filming season 2 and adding some new faces to the squad. Tonight they performed a tribute to the one and only Chaka Khan and it was incredible and angelic to the ears. There’s nothing like someone singing your song to you and it actually sounding like you. Ya know? Chaka Khan and the audience gave the girls a Standing Ovation after their amazing performance. Rickey Smiley was the host and it just felt like a TV One Take Over type of evening READ MORE

Phillip Hudson, Rodney Perry, Mari Morrow, and Emmanuel Hudson (left to right)

For the first time I see the #Rachet Bros not posing with a #Rachet chick. I have one question for Mari Morrow (Hollywood actress) Is that A THONG???? There seemed to be a shindig doing down at Buckhead Bottle Bar. A private screening for the Hip Hop Cultural Odyssey. Yall remember that Big Hip Hop Book at the BET HH awards. Well Exec Producer and Founding partner of Sun Seeker Media Bart Phillips  produced a HIP Hop Doc that brought some old skool out the house last nite READ MORE

Well well well Marvin Sapp is back on the dating scene. To avoid running into those single ladies looking for love in all the wrong places, Marvin Sapp sat down on an interview and described a few of the qualities he is looking for “WHEN he decides to get married again”. Oh before you watch the Video if you are NOT WILLING TO SIGN A PRENUP agreement- don’t even bother watching the video. In the words of Marvin Sapp “You Go Be Signing BOO”! Check out the clip

I think Roman wasn’t the only one who needed to take his medication. What in the Sam Hill was Nicki Minaj, her stylist and her entire Wardrobe camp thinking when they signed off on this one. Definitely a case of “YES MEN” in the camp. There is no way in HADES!!! (even though I think that’s where Nicki got her outfit)..No way Sean Puffy Combs would have approved this get up if Nicki was still under his reign. Oh well, the good news is she really didn’t have any major endorsements that could have backed out on her. Perhaps now she can get an endorsement from the Costumes stores.Congratulations Nicki! You have managed to piss off the Roman Catholic Church. How we go from Pink to Red Riding Hood meets the Pope outfit Nicki! That ain’t HOT! (In My Tamar Voice). You need to take several seats after this and Get Your Life Back!!!! A Roman Holiday???? Kiss it or Diss It? Now who’s a Stupid Hoe?

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