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Need Some Couples Therapy? TRY THIS…

loveOne of the most beautiful sensations a human can experience is the feeling of romantic love. In the beginning, feelings are SO strong and you’re inseparable. But, as time goes by feelings can begin to fade. May not be the case for all couples… However, many couples begin to flat-line. READ MORE

We are told that DFCS the “Department of Family and Children Services” YALL KNOW WHAT IT STAND FOR. Well they suggested that Halle’s Ex Gabriel Aubry go to Anger Management classes and he agreed. He really loves this little girl of his and that is apparent but him Pushing Folks and Yelling at Halle Berry all the time is just NOT working out. Looks like Halle met her match! She decided to play in the snow probably thinking she would avoid the ANGRY BLACK MAN retaliation from her own screaming and acting a fool & demanding ways with folks as she did Allegedly with past boyfriends Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes, and former husband David Justice. Seems Halle is getting a taste of her own medicine “FROM THE SNOW”. LOL!