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Not in These DMs!

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Angela Simmons is engaged!!!
Crushing on Angela Simmons became a hot topic when rapper Yo Gotti made mention of his crush on Simmons in his hit Down in the DM. However, the entrepreneur and daughter of Hip Hop icon Rev Run recently posted shots of her wearing an engagement ring on social media and expressed her excitement on saying “yes.” Rev Run even took to twitter to congratulate his daughter stating “Daddy loves you” and “I’m so happy for you.” Angela Simmons’ fiancé remains a mystery despite rumors swirling for months about the identity of her new boo.


Vanessa Simmons Flaunts Baby Bump In Vegas

Vanessa Simmons Baby BumpIn case you had not heard, back in September Vanessa Simmons announced via instagram that she was pregnant with her first baby with actor Mike Wayans (of the funny Wayan’s family royalty).  Now 5 months along, she is showing off her baby bump in Vegas as the family celebrates Rev Run’s birthday.  The proud parents, Vanessa and Mike, have been dating for 8 years now. Vanessa admitted that she was scared to tell her famous father Hip Hop Icon Rev Run that she was pregnant because she is not married.  But, he was happy and supportive.  Now she is out and about flaunting her beautiful baby bump.  Check out more pics including the baby’s sonogram photo below!! READ MORE

Skull Gang member and Juelz Santana affiliate Hynief posted a picture on his Instagram this past weekend seemingly portraying JoJo Simmons in a compromising position when they met in Queens, New York,

Pic: Instagram

LOL!  JoJo Simmons  had a DEEEEEBO  moment when he got snatced up by Skull Gang Member Hynief a member of Julez Santana’s crew. JoJo not only got snatched but got snatched and photographed at the same damn time. DAMN DAMN DAMN JOJO! READ MORE

I suppose when everyone is running around claiming that you might be gay, you have to do the most to prove that you’re not. This past weekend Rev Run’s son JoJo Simmons was caught in a strip club dancing all up on naked women. Sure the act is common and not in the least bit surprising. However, what a funny coincendence that he would be “caught” in the club after almost have a sex scandal with a transsexual. Personally, I think it was staged and it’s a fight to prove he’s a real man. Look inside for more pics of him in the club. READ MORE

Diggy Performs At B.B. Kings For Freshmen Live!

RevRun With Sons Diggy and Russell Jr

Yesterday, XXL Magazine hosted its annual “Freshmen Live” concert featuring many of the rappers who appeared on the cover of their April issue like Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Diggy Simmons, Meek Mill, Fred the Godson, Lil Twist and YG. To show love and support Diggy’s father legendary Rev Run and Brother Russy aka Russell Simmons Jr came out to watch Diggy tear up the stage. It wouldn’t have been a complete performance if Rev didn’t grace the stage. He came out and performed a duet song with his son. That was definitely a moment they will live to tell the kids about. LOL

Q-Tip hanging with RevRun and Diggy

Checkout all the pictures from the evenings event: