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Rapper Rick Ross was spotted in Atlanta as he hosted the City of Atlanta Proclamation Ceremony for Twelve Studios. Councilman Kwanza Hall and the City of Atlanta is celebrating the greatness of Twelve Studios and it’s commitment to the arts.

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The homie Rick Ross took over Atlanta’s Privé for one of the most epic nights of this holiday season. Hosted by Kenny Burns the evening was all about popping bottles, living the high life, sexy people, and getting ready for Christmas.

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Last night the homie Ming Lee threw her official party for her employees, business colleagues, close clients, and very “close friend” Rick Ross.

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Diddy Punches Drake At Miami Nightclub!


News has been circulating that money mogul, P. Diddy, gave rapper Drake a pretty nice whopping this past weekend! There have also been rumors that the Canadian rapper had to be sent to the hospital due to a dislocated shoulder…OUCH!

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Video: Nicki Minaj on SNL

Nicki Minaj was the musical guest on SNL this weekend, but she also killed a few skits along with her two musical numbers.

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South Dekalb Mall, was crazy as Rick Ross and his homies over at DTLR promoted his new album Black Friday, November 28th. Fan stood in line for hours and Ross made sure he took pic’s with every fan… Rick Ross Hood Billionaire Instore Now…




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Rick Ross

Whoa! Rick Ross is a considerably smaller version of his earlier self! See what he did to loss the weight.

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Young Jeezy Is Being Sued By Mystery Rapper!


Young Jeezy is being sued by a Wisconsin rapper for ripping him off! However, this rapper and his “hit song” that was jacked cannot be found anywhere???

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