Royce Reed TWEETS/Congrats Dwight Howard on New Baby!

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Dwight Howard is a daddy again and one of the first to publicly congratulate him is one of his baby mamas Reality TV Star Royce Reed.

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Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed wants the Media to Stop Picking on her Son

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Royce Reed wants the public to stop picking on her son’s Braylon Howard’s photos.

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Former Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed Asks Baby Daddy Dwight Howard To Pay Legal Fees

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Dwight Howard‘s baby mama we all know her as former Basketball Wives reality star, Royce Reed is still caught in a custody battle. She now is asking Howard to pay her legal fees to fight against him. Hmm?! Read More »

3 VH1 Basketball Wives hear the Words of Donald Trump “YOUR FIRED!!!!” –

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Who got the boot? Are yall ready for this? I know you figured how who was first. Royce Reed! Snooze fest! Keisha Nichols! Double Snooze Fest! and Jennifer Williams- A VH1 liability. Didn’t she learn anything from Meeka Claxton? You know if you sue the network they can’t keep paying you right? Wanna know the real reason Royce got axe? Thanks to our friends at TMZ for the update Read More »

Shaunie O’Neal Fires Three ‘Basketball Wives’ From Show

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Last week, after the reunion show had already been filmed,  Shaunie O’Neal confirmed that if she was to return for another season, three of the current cast members would need to be removed from the show. In an interview with The Insider, she explained: Read More »

Royce Reed Leaves Basketball Wives

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So Twitter is usually the most accurate source for the latest dirt on your favorite celebrity.  Yesterday afternoon, pint sized Basketball Wives star Royce Reed sent out a tweet saying she would not return for another season.  At the end of Season 3 reunion Suzie stated that Royce said she wasn’t coming back but Royce never confirmed. Read More »

Basketball Wife Has Seizure At Celebrity Charity Event

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Basketball Wives start Royce Reed had a seizure yesterday during a charity softball game. TMZ reports that she was not taken to the hospital. The event took place in Wilmington, Delaware, in which she signed autographs and played in Duffy’s Hope Celebrity Softball Game. She pulled a hamstring during the game, went to sit down and passed out. Once she woke up, she had no clue that she had had a seizure and said that it was the first time she had a seizure. She blamed the heat, stress, her diet and exhaustion for the incident, and while paramedics were called, she didn’t get go to the hospital as she was feeling fine following the experience.

Good to know Royce is doing fine…

Dwight Howard Goes After BabyMama’s “Royce Reed” Money Again!

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Dwight Howard is one of the most likable players in the NBA. He’s open, personable, friendly and generally likable. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t like Howard, yet, something we may not associate with him is an ugly court battle between him and the mother of his child.

Right now, Howard is looking to get his money after winning a $500,000 settlement against Royce Reed, who was speaking ill of him in the media. It was a big win for the center, who obviously didn’t like that his good name was being dragged through the mud by this woman for no good reason.

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Royce Reeds Gets Kicked Off Basketball-Wives

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So I am hearing they are now looking for new basketball-wives and they are kicking one of the girls off… “Say it an’t so Mr. Wilson”…. Sources close to the reality show tell TMZ, Royce Reed’s Basketball-Wives days are numbered — and it’s all because of the ongoing legal battle with her Orlando Magic baby daddy Dwight Howard.

Royce can’t talk about Dwight in the media because of a 2009 gag order. That injunction SEVERELY inhibits her ability to participate in the show. So the show executives have now label her as boring. Read More »