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Colin Kaepernick Shuts Down Twitter Troll!


San Fransisco 49ers’ player and every woman’s dream, Colin Kaepernick, had to shut down a Twitter troll last night! The hater hopped on Kaepernick’s page and started something he just couldn’t finish!

Check out the details below!


Is Kerry Washington Pregnant?

Our friends over at Us Weekly are reporting that Kerry Washington is allegedly four months into her pregnancy.  They are blaming loose dresses and clothing for keeping the secret.  Will Olivia Pope have a baby too?  The Scandal of it ALL!

kerry-NnamKerry Washington is some kind of sneaky and full of surprises. Well the good news is she really does love black men. Congrats Kerry! Even though I hated to let you go I know this is best for our friendship. Yes Kerry married 31 yr old 49ers Cornerback Nnambi Asomugha on June 24th  READ MORE

Dwight Howard an Actor?

See what happens when Dwight Howard, Shawn Marion, Dez Bryant, and  Michael Crabtree audition for some classic movie roles.

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