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Rev. Jesse Jackson released a statement admitting he had an extramarital affair that resulted in a daughter who is now 12 years old. Now the mother of his baby is accusing him of not being able to pay the child support payments. READ MORE

Sarah Palin is criticizing First Lady Michelle Obama for inviting hip-hop star Common to today’s poetry celebration at the White House. The former Alaskan Governor sent out a tweet on Tuesday that read “Oh lovely, White House.” The tweet was followed by a link to a story on the “Daily Caller” which transcribed the lyrics from Common’s poem “A Letter To The Law.” The poem features Common taking shots at former President George W. Bush, and making references to firearms. Palin isn’t the only person criticizing Common’s White House invite. Fox News and the Drudge Report have also expressed concerns over the emcee’s appearance at today’s event.
Common, however, seems to be enjoying all the commotion. He sent out a tweet saying that Fox News and Sarah Palin don’t like him, and jokingly added that he is in fact “dangerous.”

All I have to say is Sarah Palin sit your butt down! It seems like Obama can’t catch a break from his republican colleagues. Although Sarah Palin has proven herself to be more of an entertainer than a politician she might want to consider taking a course in political language and word choice. After the White House released a statement stating they would not be releasing BinLaden’s death pictures Palin took to twitter to express her opinion.