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Bow Wow  as we all know has a beautiful daughter who is 1 year-old. He is scheduled to pay child support and has withheld some crucial financial information from the judge. READ MORE

Bow Wow Tattoo’s His Daugher Name On His Hand

Bow Wow is falling in love with his baby girl Shai more and more each day. Today pictures of his newest devotion to baby Shai surfaced the internet on my girl ATLien’s site Straight From The A. In his open letter to fans, Bow Wow spoke of how the birth of his daughter had changed his world and had even made him start treating his own mother better. In addition to that, I guess it made him want to get even more tatted up. What do you think of Bow Wow’s new tat?

Spotted @StraightFromTheA

Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Joie Chavis Reveals Baby Shai

Bow Wow told the world in a heartfelt letter that he didn’t want people to see his baby girl. However, I guess his baby mama  Joie Chavis didn’t get the memo! She twitpic’ed this picture of their baby girl Shai Moss. Up until now, the world has only seen side shots of the baby girl out with Bow Wow. I wonder if this is going to be something that causes some drama between the two. I hope not! What do you think of baby Shai though? Isn’t she cute??? Who does she look like more? Bow Wow or Joie Chavis?