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I had the pleasure of attending Sheen Magazine’s Cover Party for the Love & Relationship Issue featuring the homie Toya Wright. The party was dope full of celebrities, fans, and the beautiful cover girl Toya Wright.


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Q Parker from R&B super group 112 is ready to get back in the music scene and this time he will doing it solo. The year 2012 will definitely be the year of Mr. Parker as he readies his first solo debut album titled The MANual as well as a new 2012 Fitness Calendar. His new album is preparing for a Spring 2012 release and he wants the world to know that he is back! Check inside for more details on his new album and photos from his steamy fitness calendar. READ MORE

Neffe & Solo Tells All The Bloggers To Stop Hating


Neffe and Solo were loss for words after reading that they blogs were saying that their relationship was about to flop, they are about to lose their home and are about to go broke . They both came in to have dinner and they were very upset at how they were portrayed in the media. Solo is an entrepreneur and doing very well for himself. Not only is he a producer and get residuals from some of the works that he has contributed to, but he has several other major projects and artists that he is working with. But he chooses to stay a ghostwriter and not talk about what is important to the public . Neffe, who many don’t know works her butt off and does not receive any money from her family.

“Everything I get is from what I earn . And if it wasn’t for my strong tight knit close family members  I don’t know where I would be.”

She then went on to tell me how disgusted she was at how blogs portray her.

“I work hard for everything I have and my kids get anything and everything they want. If you come to my house you will see that they have Playstation 3s and flat screen televisions and any and everything they could ever want. I am lost for words at the way the media portrays me and my family. But I understand everybody needs somebody to hate on. I love my family. I love my sister Keyshia, most importantly, I love God. At the end of the day nobody did nothing for me but God and myself.”

I was so lost for words by how moved and upset they were and Neffe, who almost broke down crying, at why people treat her and her family the way that they do. “Do people not have a heart? Do they forget that they are human?” she said.  “But at the end of the day I guess they look at my life as entertainment.”  But in reality it’s not they have feelings and emotions.  Most importantly a family that loves them and children that have to get up and live through this mess. Here’s some footage of them confirming that they are still together and most importantly wanting to know why people do what they do. At the end of the day to dispute the rumors, Neffe and Soulow are not broke and getting ready to tape the new season of The Franke and Neffe Show. Neffe Solo and Elite will be talking to Ryan Cameron show in a “tell all interview” I cant wait to hear it… SO TO CLEAR UP EVERYTHING… THEY ARE NOT BROKE… THEY ARE NOT ABOUT TO LOSE THEIR HOME… AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS NOT IN JEOPARDY… STOP HATING  BLOGGERS…