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Master P. says he was never notified about a custody hearing Monday that resulted is estranged wife gaining sole custody of their four underage children. Sounds like Master P needs to fire his attorney and employ an assistant to manage his calendar.

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Master P just lost custody of the four children under 18 that he has with estranged wife Sonya Miller. He lost custody of the children because he decided to skip court! What is really going on with the Millers?

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Master P spoke candidly with the homies over at TMZ about his estranged wife, her alleged drug problem, and his desire to keep his family together.

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VIDEO: Romeo Says His Mama Needs to be a Better Parent!


The homie Romeo shares some details about his parents’ beef. Master P and his estranged wife is in court battling for custody of the minor aged children and money. TMZ caught up with the big homie and asked him his thoughts and he gives a surprising response.
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The big homie Master P took to Youtube to clear his name and talk about the issues he is having with his estranged wife Sonya Miller regarding the custody of the couple’s underaged children.

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“Make em say UGH” is what Master P’s estranged wife Sonya Miller is doing by demanding custody of the couple’s minor children. Check out the domestic details below. READ MORE

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