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Regina King And Malcolm Jamal Warner Break Up


The lights are out for actors Regina King and Malcom Jamal Warner’s relationship. You know it’s real when Malcom reportedly asked Regina and her son to get out of his house that they “share”. More details inside. READ MORE


My favorite actress of all time Ms. Regina King came on the 1# radio show in Atlanta, “The Ryan Cameron Show,” to talk about everything she had going on. The blogosphere is buzzing about how Ms. King is dating “The Cosby Show” star Malcolm Jamal Warner, but the real story is about her coming back to TV on the drama ‘Southland,’ where she stars as Detective Lydia Adams. Here Is A Clip Of Her On Ryan’s Show..

As previously reported, the series was dropped by NBC and subsequently picked up by TNT. Starting Jan. 12, TNT will being re-airing seven episodes from the halted second season with six new episodes starting March 2. Here Is A Clip From The Show Southland..

I got to tell yall she is everything I thought she would ever be and more, making sure I got all the pics needed… She is so humble and sweet and I have to say, I love me some Ms. King… So make sure yall Check out her show every week… and Listen to The Ryan Cameron Live Everyday On V-103 from 2-6…