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The Weeknd is being sued for millions

Singer ” The Weekend” is being sued for 5 million Dollars over song “StarBoy.” Thats alotta coin, especially if you didnt steal the song that the accusers claim he stole.


Golfer Tiger Woods and girlfriend being sued

Golfing Mega-Star Tiger Woods and girlfriend are reportedly being sued for wrongful death of employee.



YG is facing a serious lawsuit.  According to a report by “Uproxx,” poet Henry Russell, otherwise known as Grimmis, is taking YG to court for unpaid royalties.  Russell claims he’s never been paid for his poems used on the “My Krazy Life Tracks” “Who Do You Love” and “Bicken Back Being Bool.”  The lawsuit alleges that YG promised to share the revenues of the songs with Russell but never did. Russell is suing YG, DJ Mustard, Universal Music Group and 400 Wayz for copyright infringement and fraud.



So TMZ is reporting that Tyga is being sued by his old management company to the tune of $4 million. Click MORE to see what we know.

Chief Keef Evicted By Uncle


Paying bills can be added to the lists of things ish Chief Keef doesn’t like.

The young rapper is being sued by Georghe Simoniah-Sas, who is his uncle and the landlord of the mansion he’s been renting.

According to the suit, Keef has not rent paid on his Illinois 5,100 square foot, 6 bedroom, 5.5 bath home that is valued over $1 million for the months of July and Augusta.

Simoniak-Sas is suing for eviction and the 9,400 in back rent that he’s owed.


Written by Danie Buchanan

Snoop Dogg’s world of smoke has gottten him in a world of trouble!Lebanese concert promoter Roger Kalaouz is suing hip-hop star Snoop Dogg for $280,000 for smoking weed at a club in Beirut.


The Lebanese promoter is suing rapper Snoop Dogg for “tainting his reputation” as a result of the smoking pot issue.


According to reports, Lebanese authorites are conducting a criminal investigation into the matter, which took place after a 2009 performance at Forum de Beirut. READ MORE

Jermaine Dupri Denies Rumors of Car Being Repossessed

There have been several rumors earlier this year that hip hop producer Jermaine Dupri was going broke.  TMZ recently reported that his Lamborghini was repossessed and that the people who gave him the money to cash out on the luxary car wanted their money back.  They claim that the homie owes them $80,000 for the car.   READ MORE

Uh oh! It appears that Patti Labelle is being sued for assaulting a mother and her 18 month old child.

Apparently, last year Patti shared some choice words with a woman for letting her child walk away as she struggled to situate with their luggaage and a car seat.

Well, it seems that the woman and her child aren’t the only ones who were offended.

Other building residents, Kevin and Roseanna Monk, are in on it now too.

Find out why inside! READ MORE

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