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Matt Ryan, pic courtesy of Atlanta Falcons

After a heartbreaking loss over the Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons are still my number 1 team ! The city of Atlanta definitely represented in the state of Texas for the superbowl to show major support ! Rappers, socialites, and a host of other industry folks came out in masses to help cheer on the falcons by hosting tail gate parties, private celebrity brunches, meet and greets just to name a few. The falcons held strong and also held a lead until the fourth quarter of the game and the Patriots managed to surpass them into a winning lead of 34-28 over Falcons. I sure to hope my falcons will have a chance to redeem themselves and take it to the top with a winning superbowl championship ! With their state of the art new stadium due to be finished sometime this year, the falcons look forward to their new season in it and I wish my Falcons a great start to a new season. Rise up ! Take a look at the video of the aerial view for new stadium 


The Hottest WAGs Of Super Bowl 50



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Professional athletes have it all: star power, talent, money, and of course, beautiful women.

This sentiment is especially true when it comes to NFL stars, who are uber famous and make millions during a short four-month season. Despite not making it to the Super Bowl this year, with guys like Tom Brady (married to Gisele Bundchen) and Russell Wilson (dating Ciara), it’s clear the NFL’s elite are doing pretty well for themselves.


eva-marcille-gives birth-to-a-healthy-baby-girl-marley-freddyo

ANTM UPDATE: Approximately 12 hours ago, a new baby girl was brought into this world. Well this wasn’t just any baby, this was America’s Next Top Model Eva Marcille Pigford and Sensational Singer Kevin McCalls little girl. Check out the debut pictures of little Miss Marley’s.


Bruno Mars Books SuperBowl Halftime Show

Bruno Mars just booked the gig of the lifetime!



Victor Cruz signed a five-year extension worth $43 million on Monday.


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Beyonce releases yet another sexy sneak peak photo for her half-time performance this Sunday for the Super Bowl. The NFL loves B and thinks she is no pain like most are reporting. Details inside. READ MORE

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