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YFN Lucci’s vehicle shot up


Should YFN Lucci bulletproof the whip? Sources say his vehicle got shot up this week.


This video is dedicated to anyone that has ever gone threw some B.S. but in the end came out on top…

“What don’t kill you can only make you stronger” / “When someone shows you who they are believe them THE FIRST TIME!!!”

Here are 5 fact’s about The Song

The song was inspired by the reality TV show Survivor, where contestants vote each other off an island.


It is a play on what happened to the group when they lost 3 members in one year.


Beyoncé Knowles said she wrote this after reading a review comparing the band’s member changes to the Survivor TV show.


We later found out that was a lie, “Survivor” was the work of composer/producer Anthony Dent, who had to share credit with not only Beyonce but also her father, Matthew Knowles. READ MORE