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Drake vs. Tory Lanez & Tyga, Again!


On the opening night of the Summer Sixteen Tour, Drake took another shot at Toronto singer, Tory Lanez and fellow Young Money labelmate, Tyga. He was on the second verse of Summer Sixteen when he changed the lyrics to, “All you boys doing fake ‘Controlla’ wanna be me a little.” Burn!



So Lupe decided to let everyone know that the beef between himself and Kid Cudi is alive and well during his interview with Sway in the Morning to talk about his now critically acclaimed album. Click MORE to watch the interview.

[VIDEO] Kanye West Goes Off On Sway In Shade 45 Interview


The Passion of Kanye West.  That is what we are seeing right now in these New York interviews.  After Sway asks Kanye why he won’t empower himself instead of begging corporations to back him Yeezy goes IN on Sway  Kanye flipped out on Sway disrespecting him claiming “you know nothing, you know nothing about this!” over and over again. Sway acted and talked like a gentleman, not raising his voice much, trying to cool Kanye down.  Check out the interview below.  Kanye gets pissed at the 17:00 mark. READ MORE