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TLC Just dropped their new video : 

A TLC album is on it’s way! In January 2015, Chilli and T-Boz, the two remaining members of TLC, solicited funds on Kickstarter to help them release a new TLC album. The group’s goal was $150,000, but thanks to their fans they exceeded the goal, collecting $430,255 in pledges.


Update: TLC Exceeds Kickstarter Goal, Katy Perry Donates!


Only yesterday we reported that girl group TLC had started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their fifth album and today, we can report that the group’s goal amount has not only been met, but it has been exceeded!

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The iconic girl group TLC has officially announced that it will record its fifth and final album but will do so with the help of their fans.

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Pebbles is back at again! She has filed a new lawsuit for $40 million against VH1’s biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story!”

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: New Single from Diosa, ft. Kalenna

New artist Diosa, has a hot new collaboration with Kalenna from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  The club banger is called “Marilyn Marilyn” and we’re sure you are going to love it!
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Janelle Monae is showing off the visuals for her song “Electric Lady.”  She unleashed the music to the title track from her 2013 album on Wednesday.

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Pebbles is feeling some sort of way since the airing of VH-1’s TLC ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’ bio film. The world watched with much enthuasim the story of one of our favorite girl groups of all time TLC. Since TLC hit the scene they have instantly been loved and embraced by the public. Last night we got to see the behind the scenes of their various relationships including their manager Pebbles and well Pebbles is feeling the heat. Black Twitter went after Pebbles with such fevor and violence that the once manager now prophetess came out of hiding to address the movies and her critics including the lovely ladies of TLC!

Check out the tweets below:

pebbles-crazy-sexy-cool-freddyo pebbles-crazy-sexy-cool-freddyo

Check out what Black Twitter had to say last night and today about Pebbles and her management skills. Some of the comments are hillarious.

Pebbles-TLC-meme-5-600x600 Pebbles-TLC-meme-5-600x600
Man this movie has opened up a can of worms. Should Pebbles have sore feelings about her protrayal in ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’?

Do you think she’s going to really sue TLC?
Did you enjoy the film last night?
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