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Game of Thrones fans say episode was too dark!


Reportedly from TMZ:

Game of Thrones is now on its 8th and final season, however, as viewers watch the face off against the Army of the Dead at the Battle of Winterfell, viewers say they feel like the latest episode was too dark! 


Is TV Forcing Kids To Be Gay?


With the world growing and changing rapidly in every aspect we have some people who are definitely resistant to change. Well, one rapper feels very strongly about the lesbian and gay presence on tv shows especially on the little kid shows. Boosie says that the television is “forcing kids to be gay” now and he is not in support of that new wave at all. Thoughts?

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Boosie expressed in an interview he had with DJ Vlad his thoughts on homosexuality and television. He thinks that in 10 years if things don’t change that half of our population will be waving the rainbow flag. He then goes on to mention that shows and cartoons such as “Empire” and “The Flintstones” are part of the problem. He does not hate gays but he then says if one of his sons were gay that he would slap them back straight.


Now, there are many issues with everything that he just said but the main thing is the accusation that the social and sexual boundaries that are being challenged in modern day tv have an effect on what children decide to be in the world. I know for a fact that tv has a strong influence but it’s not like the representations of gay people are destroying the idea of heterosexual couples. It is a good thing and a safe haven for people who may be curious on their sexuality to explore and not feel outcasted.

What are your thoughts?


50 Cent Power Insta

So 50 Cent seems a little T’ed off about the similarities he is seeing in the new show Empire, staring Taraji and Terence, and his own show Power. See what he had to say about it after the jump.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.15.36 AM

Are we still watching “The Voice”? Im kind over the fact I’ve yet to hear or see from “the winner” after the show wraps.

Anyway it seems Cee Lo’s looming legal matter of date rape accusations were becoming to much.


Drama Over Interracial Child Cheerios Commercial



Who knew that a harmless bowl of cereal could create such drama?

The latest television ad for Cheerios that features an interracial couple with their daughter has caused so much unnecessary dialogue over race, that General Mills has decided to temporarily disable commentary for the ad on YouTube. In the commercial, the young girl asks her mother if the cereal is good for your heart. After her mother tells her yes, she takes the box into the living room and dumps the cereal on her Black father’s chest, right over the heart, as he is napping. He wakes up covered in the fun shaped O’s a bit confused.  You can’t help but to smile at the little girl’s attempt to keep her daddy heart healthy.

Apparently some folks weren’t smiling. The commentary for the ad alluded to all sorts of negativity to the family, even going as far as labeling the father a deadbeat who would only leave the family at his first opportunity. The associate marketing director for Cheerios Meredith Tutterow stated that the ad will “absolutely not” be withdrawn, and General Mills has no plans to remove the commercial from television.  READ MORE

k-vs-rasheeda-full-episode-love-hip-hop-atlanta-season-2-episode-3Last night the ladies of L&HHA had televison-viewers going crazy as we watched Mimi’s housewarming party get way out hand. At the party Rasheeda and K.Michelle got into a fight and it was all down hill after that. Karlie tells Joseline a crazy rumor about Benzino. Scrappy, Erica, and Momma Dee try to make peace over dinner… but all hell breaks loose. Check out the video below…. READ MORE