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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Starlet Karlie Redd helped the lovely ladies of Traxx Girls Celebrate their First Anniversary at Halo. The “HIDE OUT” was all about dancing, fun, and celebrating the Traxx Girls Moves. Karlie Redd was on hand dancing, laughing, and even made out with a lucky lady. Yes I saw it with my own eyes.

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It’s been a busy holiday for Atlanta. On Saturday, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez enjoyed the Pride Weekend, hosting the Traxx Girls day party.

Held at Club Primal, Joseline rocked a sexy fitted pink dress and posed w/ club goers.

The popular 7 Annual Wet T-Shirt contest, brings out a ton of people yearly (last year Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada) and brought out even more people this year.

Anissa (formerly of the Real World) and Suger (one of the south’s most popular exotic dancers) were in attendance, along with over 2,000 women.

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Amel Larrieux Takes Over Pure Heat 2011

Singer/Songwriter Amel Larrieux performed at Club 595 North in support of breast cancer awareness and Pure Heat, Atlanta’s Black Pride Weekend. The event, in conjunction with Vision Community Foundation Inc., was in commemoration of those who have passed due to breast cancer.

Amel, originally slated to perform 3 songs, was cajoled back onto stage to perform a fourth. She performed ‘No One,’ ‘Fa Real’ and ‘Magic’ all in acoustic.  She also sang the Groove Theory classic throwback ‘Tell Me.’

The former Groove Theory member grew up in Greenwich village and supports everything that Pure Heat stands for.

Amel performed with her daughter, Sky, and Keith Witty, both on guitar and background vocals.

Check out her performance of ‘Tell Me’ by Groove Theory and special shoutout to Traxx Girls:

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Amber Rose Takes Over Traxx ATL

Picture 8
Amber Rose came out and did her thang for some of her biggest fans in the ATL over the weekend. She worked the stage and showed love to her 4000 fans who field the room… While their my homie got a chance to speak to her and she said that “she’s just happy so many people came out to the club”. While at the club they had an Amber Rose look alike contest… WOW … look at the winner..
Traxx’s ATL is one of the biggest Alternative promoters in the world, and wanted to thank Amber for coming out.. So many celebrities act as tho they can’t come to their club because of reticule, but yet want their music played and movies seen, but dont want to support them… So they wanted to thank Amber so much for all the love she gave ..

Shot out to THAT RETAIL CHICK for the pic’s.. I also got to thank Traxx Atlanta,  & Traxx Girls for the exclusive invite courtesy of my homie Avian