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Atlanta radio station V-103’s Ryan Cameron hosted his annual celebrity bowling event which raises money for the Ryan Cameron Foundation Leadership Academy. The foundation was created to set a positive avenue for our youth by developing mentor programs and after school tutoring.

Many of your favorite celebs were in attendance including T.I and the Harris family, Lil Chuckee,Young Jeezy, Frankie, and many more. Check inside for more pictures of the event.

This years theme was all about family. The Ryan Cameron Foundation’s mission statement includes its’ dedicated to creating healthy transitions from childhood to adulthood with resources and programs designed to empower, inspire, educate and encourage positive growth. Through the help of his foundation Cameron has given back 100% of his proceeds to social service and other community organizations which included giving away over 500 Atlanta Hawk tickets to local youth.

Atlanta’s own Big Boi and Lil Chuckie  came through to show some love

Uncle Luke was in the building showing off his bowling skills

Big Boi Team Won for the 7th year in a row!!!!

T.I and his wife Tiny was there. They also brought along their entire family to the event.

YMCMB’s Lil Chuckee and his whole familly came out to lend there support

Young Jeezy brought out his son

Looks like everyone had a good time bowling for a great cause! READ MORE

One of Atlanta’s top radio personalities Ryan Cameron, recently held his 4th annual  Free Youth Health Fair in Atlanta. Celebrities such as Jacob Latimore, various health services and charities were there to support Ryan.

People often say a mind is  a terrible thing to waste but so is the body. There are  various health facts that revolve around the small and big things we do in our daily lives.

Did you know when you take a step, you are using up to 200 muscles? Did you know smokers get ten times more wrinkles than non-smokers? Did you know men are twice as likely to be binge drinkers than women? Did you know after age 30, the brain begins to lose about 50,000 neurons per day – shrinking the brain .25% each year? WHOA!.

Influential people such as Michelle Obama, Oprah and Atlanta’s own Ryan Cameron  have started foundations to empower and encouraged the youth to have a more healthy and active lifestyle. Ryan Cameron’s “Healthy, Stronger, Living Longer” Free Youth Health Fair  provided a year’s worth of FREE medical services in one day. Yes, FREE or as Ryan puts it “Free Ninety Nine”. In addition to providing free evaluations for diabetes, cholesterol, vision and dental, health driven workshops were given as well as active lifestyle demonstrations. Much love to Aetna foundation who awarded Ryan with a 25,000 donation to his charity.  Each youth left with with an in-home gym which consisted of a hula hoop and a jump rope to maintain an active lifestyle at home.

They also left with a surprise visit from teen sensation Jacob Latimore. Jacob reminds me of a younger version of Chris Brown,Usher and Michael Jackson all in one. He’s currently on the Scream tour with Mindless Behavior, Diggy and more.



Here are all the pic’s…. READ MORE

T.I. Ready To Put ATL Back On Top

In one of his first interviews since his release from serving 10 months in prison, T.I stops to talk to local Atlanta radio station V-103 to discuss his plans for the future and putting his city back on the map.  His youngest son Major was in attendance with him as he sat with the radio station to discuss his many lessons learned, working on new music, and the lack of Atlanta artist repping the city. Here are a few highlights from the interview. READ MORE

It’s crazy how time flies. I can remember when I was barely making it working for a blogger who now hate’s me, a radio station that loves me, a mama and granny that will kill for me, and friends and family that support my dreams…

All that said I was on youtube and saw this video of Phatfffat AKA (@Dondria). This is the video for Phatfffat that changed her life (I think). I can even remember Jermaine Dupri, who I worked with, showing me her videos on YouTube along with this other no name, Kid DeAndre Cortez AKA Soulja Boy.

I just wanted to share this video with yall cause I thought that it was dope, and hope that it might inspire someone else.

If only she knew what was about to happen!!!! LOL

“Always Remember Were You Are And Were You Want To Be and Don’t Let The Industry Move You From Your Roots”

What you Think?

V-103 Presents Monica’s Soul Session


Last Night, Monica took over V-103 Soul Session at the Midtown “W” Hotel In Atlanta, Georgia. Performing all her classic hits and a special tribute to the legendary soul artist Whitney Houston. Attendees included Kandi, Jazze Phae, and Shawty-Lo to name a few. You Can See More Pictures On V-103 Web Mag