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Webbie isn’t down for his teenage sons having sex under his roof, a fact his kids definitely know now if they didn’t before because their dad fully shamed them on the Internet.

Webbie Arrested For Allegedly Pushing Chick Down Stairs

Sad news Webbie has done it again. Back in October 2011 he had been banned from 106 N Park after he got into it with co-host Rosci. She had claimed that Webbie sexually harrassed her. He was then banned from the show. Yesterday Webbie was arrested for battery and robbery for allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and taking $340 from her bag. READ MORE

Webbie Banned From 106 & Park

Rapper Webbie is banned from BET’s 106 & Park. Terrence J made the announcement and looked a little upset as he was making it while co-host Rocsi smirked on the side.  Check out the clip of Terrence J making the announcement. READ MORE