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Universal Pictures is bringing the Obama White House to the big screen. According to reports, a workplace comedy has optioned From the Corner of the Oval, a book proposal by Beck Dorey-Stein. Stein is a former White House stenographer.


“Secret Service did a fantastic job last night,” Mr. Trump said the next day.



A.J. Bohannon, a Black Lives Matter activist who once watched his cousin mistakenly get gunned down by police in 2012, had gathered more than 1,000 other activists to march through the streets of Wichita, Kansas on Sunday afternoon. But that plan changed when he received a call from Wichita’s new police chief just days before the scheduled event. The new idea was to hold an event where police and protesters could effectively come together to ease the tensions that have risen in the wake of recent police shootings in America.


Do You Believe In Second Chances?


President Barack Obama is back at it again with leaving his trail of love, wisdom, and care all over the world as he gets ready to leave the white house *tear*. The white house just confirmed that Barack Obama has granted clemency to 58 men and women who have earned a second chance! It really can’t get any better then him as commander and cheif in the white house.

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This gracious act is one of the numerous things that shows why this strong man needs to be in the office for a THIRD term. Don’t you agree? Who wouldn’t be grateful for a second chance in life, no matter what you did, second chances can make all the difference. Having a president who sees people as people and struggles as struggles with no prejudice is so comforting. I know you think of yourself more than a number, right? These 58 men and women were nonviolent drug offenders and have done the necessary tasks in order to receive a clean slate.


It is no surprise to anyone that the majority of the people in jail are behind bars for minor things and are also minorities. This president never ceases to amaze the world with the little hints of genuine concern for the people of this nation. Whether you agree with him or not, he is persevering. Barack Obama is the only president in history who lives up to the slogan of America “In God we trust”, while many others have used it in vain. Barack Obama has come, he has seen, he has loved, and he has conquered!


Despite what you choose to see or believe that fats remain the same. Thank you Obama from the bottom of my heart from everything you have done for us! Hate him or love him you are all still watching him!



There’s a Scandal at the White House, and it has nothing to do with Congress! This time, it’s Malia Obama who’s at the center of all the drama. Check out the details below!


President Obama Gives Up Portion Of Salary


President Obama is giving up 5% of his salary as an act of unity with other federal workers who are going to be affected by the sequester. His annual salary is $400,000 so with a 5% deduction that would take $20,000 from him annually. President Obama’s act of compassion is being followed by other White House officials like Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter.  READ MORE

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