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Whoopi Goldberg got heated on The View today over a NY Times article about Black actors and movie awards.  I don’t blame her.

Apparently, the article left her name out of their list of Academy Award winners.  The NY Times article says that only 7 Black actors have won an Academy Award in the past 73 years…Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Jaime Foxx, Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Hudson and Mo’Nique. What they left out was Whoopi winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ghost (1990) READ MORE


During yet another discussion about Charlie Sheen on “The View” this morning, co-host Whoopi Goldberg opened up about her own rock bottom moment that convinced her to quit drugs at the height of her addiction. Now I have to say that I never thought that Whoopi was a drug addiction although I did think she liked to burn it down but who am I to judge.

The Oscar winner insists she was a “fully functioning” addict who fooled movie executives so she could continue to work and fund her habit.

“I was a functioning drug addict. I went to work because I knew if I didn’t show up, READ MORE

Whoopi & Joy Fight With Bill O'Reilly5

I am so glad that Whoopi and Joy have a back bone!!! Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar got so angry with on todays episode of “The View” that featured Bill O’Reilly. The topic was Obama and 9/11, while discussing the Ground Zero mosque Whoopi and Joy who were so sick of O’Reilly’s over opinionated ego both got up and walked off the set. Although the two later returned after Bill apologized it made for great TV. I saw on twitter that people were saying that they should not have walked off the show and you can tell Barbra Walters was very up set. Do yall think it was ok for them to walk off the show while they were taping live? Here’s the video please tell me what you think? READ MORE