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A.J. Bohannon, a Black Lives Matter activist who once watched his cousin mistakenly get gunned down by police in 2012, had gathered more than 1,000 other activists to march through the streets of Wichita, Kansas on Sunday afternoon. But that plan changed when he received a call from Wichita’s new police chief just days before the scheduled event. The new idea was to hold an event where police and protesters could effectively come together to ease the tensions that have risen in the wake of recent police shootings in America.


One man was left dead following a Pleasure P concert in Kansas. WOW people what is really going on HiphopDX reports Wichita, Kansas Police are investigating a shootout in which officers returned fire and one person died following a Pleasure P concert . Plus watch Pleasure P get a attacked thrown to the floor during his performance in Wichita, Kansas Below! READ MORE