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I do not know if everyone agrees with the song, “Started from the bottom”, but wherever Drake started from, he is definitely here now! Drake just confirmed that his album “Views” has sold a million copies in one week. Have you bought yours yet?

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This is good news for an artist considering the fact that it is very easy to download free music these days. Drake, often referred to as  the sentimental artist by many, never stops grinding and it clearly pays off. The album “Views” is a big milestone for him and I believe he is more than grateful for where life has taken him. Truth be told, many people make fun of how corny Drake can be at times, (including myself), but that doesn’t change the fact that he makes music that many people appreciate, can relate to and can vibe with.


I’ve heard different reviews about this latest album, saying that most of the songs are “slow”, but I’m pretty sure that this is the kind of music that Drake prefers to make. If you don’t like it then, that’s fine because as an artist once your following is built up and sturdy your creativity flourishes even more. When you make good music then that’s just what you do and Drake is continuously showing us that this is what he was made for.

Make sure you all get that album!


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Miguel made a big stir this year with his singles Sure Thing and All I Want Is You which featured J. Cole. Miguel stirred things up even more in an interview to Vibe this past weekend where he told them that he would be touring with Marsha Ambrosius this upcoming October. He also revealed to fans his plans for his upcoming album. He let it  be known that nothing about this album would be traditional. You can expect to hear an electronic hip hop and classic rock vibe from the upcoming album which will be released in March/April of next year. READ MORE