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Yahya McClain 30 years in the entertainment industry

Yahya McClain former two time world champion, professional boxer has hung up his boxing gloves and replaced them with a directors chair and movie equipment to better spearhead his career in the world of film and television. The latest work is Yahya’s new documentary titled Casualties of W.A.R. and the women’s regime. A subject currently close to his heart is the injustice of the family law system.


sanCrenshaw-yahya Yahya McClain sat down this week with several media outlets in promotion of his new book. But from his interviews with Sam Crenshaw 11 alive Sports Show, Griffy-2k, and Conn Jackson I was able to learn one thing about Yahya that I never knew. When @yahballa first met Laila Ali she was an (OVERWEIGHT) Nail Tech. Who knew the daughter of Float like a bird, sting like a bee, Muhammad Ali (dad) Laila Ali )daughter) was asking 2 questions all day

crazyJ-firstFIghtCorporate Fight Night at Puritan Mills was a very interesting night. There were amateur boxers and even women who enjoy boxing as a hobby, and some former World Champions in the house. Tonight Corporate women hung up their corporate high heeled shoes and traded them out for a pair of Boxing gloves for the evening.TerriMossBert There were a host of corporate sponsors along with Terri Moss (former FEMALE 2x Champion Boxer)and Sugar Bert Boxing Academy (The Paul Murphy Boxing Gym). READ MORE

jaquese-yahyaOk I know everyone is getting into these self defense classes and getting into shape but “Jaquise” Bruh??? You taking boxing and singing lessons? I think he may have been passing through. Or he could have been getting some great advice from the man who was once married to Laila Ali /husband/boxing trainer. He might know a thing or two. I’m sure that’s why he is able to carry the name Former World Champion. Looks like he is adding author to his repertoire of career history. With the Memoirgraphy of his new book titled “AND STILL”, I’m sure he’s giving a young artist /industry cat some great advice . If you want to hear what they were talking about come ask for yourself next thursday. Or stay tuned as I hop into the rink myself. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee! READ MORE