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We hear James Harden and Khloe Kardashian have called it quits. And last night, rapper French Montana took his newly single (and still legally married) ex to the strip club. Meanwhile, Kanye West and June Ambrose came out to support Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s clothing launch, plus we have pics of Justine Skye dining with her bestie Kylie. More inside…


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Kanye West has changed the title of his upcoming album….yet again. Now, he’s offering up a free pair of Yeezys and tickets to his album listening event in NYC this week if you can guess what the title is. Take a stab at it inside and get the deets on Ye’s next “season” inside…


[PHOTOS] Kanye West ‘Yeezus’ Tour Stops In Atlanta

DSC_2969Kanye West brought his Yeezus Tour to Atlanta last night.  He had the biggest production I have ever seen.  There were 32 trucks and I was told by some of the Def Jam Execs that even the cooking staff has their own bus.  The show was completely artistic.  I would say that it was performance art at its best.

DSC_2990Though it’s unknown how much the production on Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour actually costs, he’s reportedly raking in a lot per show. reports that the rapper is grossing over $1 million per night on the tour, which should put him among the top 25 earners in music in their 2014 list, which he didn’t make in 2013.  With 13 more dates on the tour, Kanye stands to make over $31 million from the Yeezus Tour before the close of the year.


And you won’t believe that after all the corporate bashing, during the concert Kanye thanked Louis Vuitton.  He also thanked everybody in Atlanta for coming to the show.  Check out all the pictures from the concert below.  The stage was absolutely incredible. READ MORE

Yeezus Tour NYC 6The Yeezus Tour stop in New York brought out ALL the celebrities and fashion designers.  Backstage and during the show, celebs couldn’t get enough, snapping photos of themselves with other celebs. Kris Jenner was all smile with Jamie Foxx in the picture above and she even stopped to speak with Young Jeezy and Jermaine Dupre!  Yeezus Tour NYC 5Kim Kardashian and her buddy Trina (who looked really happy to be in this pic) snapped a pic together.

Yeezus Tour NYC 4Even Dave Chappelle came out for the Yeezus show at the Barclay Center!  Check out the rest of the pictures inside.  READ MORE

Kanye & Kim Make A Fast Food Stop At Wendy’s

Kanye Kim WEndysSo celebrities eat processed food too huh?  I guess so based on the many snap shots taken of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at a Wendy’s in Philly.  Kanye and Kim were in town for Kanye’s rebooted Yeezus Tour and Ye just wanted to grab a quick bite.  Kim, on the other hand looked like she was not feeling his dining choice…   READ MORE

Yeezus! Please Take OFF the Confederate Flag!

Kanye West please lean in.  No, lean in closer!

I’m not sure that you understand the meaning/significance of the confederate flag.  I tend to reserve my hard learned life lessons for later in the week, so I simply prescribe Kanye take out a history book or have a handler read him a history book.  Please someone take him to the side and explain to him that we’re unsure if he is clear on the statement he is making right now.  Image below:


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