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Young Buck Owes Over $11 Million

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Rapper Young Buck faces claims that, according to reports, have reached $11.5 million; $10 million of which come from his former label, G-Unit. G-Unit Records has filed a $10 million claim against former artist Young Buck in the event that he breaches his contract with the label. Additionally, 50 Cent has filed a $171,000 claim against Young Buck for a loan he gave his former artist back in 2005.

Robin Mitchell Joyce, Buck’s attorney, blames 50’s G-Unit imprint and the deal they gave Buck for causing some of his financial woes.

Young Buck Could Face 10 Years In Jail


Former G-Unit member Young Buck faces some hefty consequences after being charged with possession of firearm.

As he was charged and convicted of stabbing a man at the Vibe Awards in 2004, the rapper was forbidden to carry a gun as part of his sentencing. As he has broken this term, he now faces 10 years in prison. However, it seems the judge on his case is looking into possibly giving him the go-ahead to travel to Canada this week for a previously-scheduled performance there, before he hands down a final verdict. Do yall they if it was me or you the judge would let us leave the country to go work?

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In an attempt to come back, Young Buck has been putting a lot of music out online.  In his new song “Sooner or Later”  he’s going in on 50 Cent and some of the newer members of G-Unit.  Buck has been in the news the past couple of days about being secret lovers with Ray J and took to twitter to clear his name. 

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“Sooner or Later”




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