Tamar Braxton and Vinco JET cover : The Braxtons Talk Music, Spin-Offs & Infidelity

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Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert are on newest edition of Jet Magazine. The outspoken baby sister and her often reserved and quiet husband opened up about marriage, Vince’s health scare, Tamar’s music career and more in the interview below.

Before we tell you about the interview we wanted you to know alittle about whats going on with Tamar Braxton. Sources say Tamar was not invited to a family appearance at the Trumpet Awards, which was attended by her mother who recently got engaged and sisters.

When a fan tweeted Tamar with the message, “[Your] family looks great @ The Trumpet Awards! Where r u?,” Tamar responded “They never told me about it!”

Moments later, Tamar — who recently signed on for her own spin-off show — tweeted “If you knew the REAL you would think otherwise!!#truthALWAYScomes2thelight!”

Meanwhile, Tamar’s mother Evelyn and her sisters Traci, Towanda, and Trina looked great as they posed for pictures at the Trumpet Awards.  I smell a story coming…. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA…. Toni was also no-show for the appearance but sources say Tony been alittle under the weather. Get better Tony…

Last night, the Braxton sisters and WE tv kicked off the year in LA with a dinner and screening of BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES at the posh SLS Hotel. Tamar, Trina, Towanda, Traci and mom “Miss E” were their usual gorgeous selves as they dished on their upcoming Braxtons album (featuring Miss E?), Miss Evelyn’s recent engagement, Tamar and Vince’s spin-off, and Trina and Towanda’s marriage drama. Toni was absent, however WE tv president Kim Martin read a statement from the R&B diva, explaining that she’d checked herself into a hospital due to a lupus flare-up, but that she was ok.

Guests – who represented CNN, BET, AOL Music, TV One, JET, Bossip, ThatGrapeJuice, KarenCivil, EURWeb, HipHollywood, Power 106, YoungHollywood and more — were both in stitches and shock while watching the evening’s featured episode, in which Trina admits to engaging in an “oral transaction” with a man that was NOT her husband. It’s an episode you’ll have to see to believe and it airs TONIGHT at 9pm ET/PT on WEtv.

Season 2 of BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES continues every THURSDAY at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv. Visit the show at http://www.wetv.com/shows/braxton-family-values.

Here’s part of the JET interview…

Vince On Marriage And Tamar Being A Golddigger:


My mom and dad are deceased. [his mother, a nurse, was killed in a car accident when he was 13. His dad passed away a few years later. ] My parents were together for 25 years. I even remember their last anniversary. That’s how much I paid attention. He rented a limousine, made a reservation and they went to this hall in West Orange, NJ. He died of a broken heart. He adored my mom. I love my wife. This girl is so far from being a gold digger. I wouldn’t be with someone like that for nine years. [Tamar is quick to tag in] ‘When I met Vince I had my own house. I had my own car. I was independent.’ We have fun, which is what a relationship is all about. Tamar is the greatest. Like, we’d just drive to Disneyland, then go to the movies and fall asleep. Because we are friends and you can’t stress that enough in a relationship. We have our arguments and disagreements, but that’s life.”


Tamar On Vince’s Health Scare:
It was the first thing we ever had to deal with outside of the normal relationship thing. It went from dinner, to a doctor, to a hospital, to he’s in a coma. I had to sign a lot of papers. I’m happy that we were friends because when you’re going through ‘what would he do?’ you remember those conversations. At first Doogie Howser was his doctor, and I was like no. I want someone with gray hair. We have a new outlook on life because of what happened. Everything before now has been erased.”


Tamar On Her Music Career:
I have to do this. I wake up in the morning and want to go to the studio, because if I don’t go, ‘her’ is going to be upset [referencing her unnamed alter ego in the third person.] I don’t want to put it in a category because when you do that you limit yourself. It’s just going to be hot music. Great songs that appeal to everybody. [ Vince says,] She’s already signed to my label and Interscope. You have to take the time to do everything right.”


Tamar On Why Reality Show Relationships Fail:
Let me tell you why reality TV marriages fail. Because they’re being fake, and then when they see it on TV they argue.”

Theresa Patiri (VP of Production - WEtv) - Trina,Towanda, Kim Martin (Pres of WEtv), Tamar, Evelyn, Traci, Didi O'Hearn (VP of Development - WEtv)
Tamar, Glenda Darnell (Foxxhole-SiriusXM)
Kita Williams -Monique Jackson
Braxtons with WE tv President Kim Martin
Braxtons with Kenya Marche
Braxtons with Karen Civil
Yesi Ortiz (Power 106) watching show
Traci interview with Mike Turner (JET)
Traci - Octavia Bostick (Fearless) - Tamar
Tanya Hart asks question
Tamar - Trina at Q&A
Kita & Monique watching show
Kita & Monique (posed)
KarenCivil watching show
Braxtons @ Q&A
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Theresa Patiri (VP of Production - WEtv) - Trina,Towanda, Kim Martin (Pres of WEtv), Tamar, Evelyn, Traci, Didi O'Hearn (VP of Development - WEtv) thumbnail
Tamar, Glenda Darnell (Foxxhole-SiriusXM) thumbnail
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Braxtons with Kenya Marche thumbnail
Braxtons with Karen Civil thumbnail
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Tanya Hart asks question thumbnail
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Kita & Monique watching show thumbnail
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