Taylor Swift is standing firm in her decision to strip her music from the streaming service, Spotify.
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Fresh off the million-plus copies sold of her new chart-topping album “1989,” Swift explains her controversial decision in a new interview with “Yahoo!” Without mincing words, Taylor says, Spotify, feels like “a grand experiment” — an experiment that she’s “not willing to contribute [her] life’s work to.” The 24-year-old says she doesn’t feel Spotify “fairly compensates” artists and producers, and she “just [doesn’t] agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.”

Mentioning the “Wall Street Journal” op-ed she penned earlier this year, Taylor adds that it’s “still up for debate” whether or not services like Spotify are “part of progress” in the music industry. She says she initially allowed her music on Spotify in an effort to remain “open-minded,” but ultimately she just “didn’t feel right” about it.

If nothing else, Swift is proof that the industry isn’t as dead as we’ve previously thought. Until her album “1989” went platinum last week; NO album from any genre had gone platinum all year. I wonder if other artists will follow Taylor’s lead against Spotify.

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