Taylor Swift, the only artist in any genre to go platinum this entire year, has had a nasty battle with online streaming service, Spotify.  Apparently, Swift has taken another stab at the music site.

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Taylor used her appearance at Billboard’s Women in Music Awards to fire the latest shot in her bitter battle with online music streaming service Spotify.  She pulled her entire music catalog from the streaming service in July.

“Piracy, file sharing and streaming have shrunk the numbers of paid album sales drastically.” “I’ve taken this year to stand up for my value as a songwriter, as a businesswoman and a content creator. I’m open to . . . change and progress. I’m not open to the financial model that is currently in place.”

“I think we can teach a younger generation about an investment in music. If you deliver them a bold statement, they will listen, and when you pour your life into an album, they will buy it.”

Her label Big Machine recently said Swift had been paid less than $500,000 in the last year from streaming. In comparison, her album was projected to hit $12 million in sales in its first week.

But “I’ve yearned for so long to be accepted by the people in this room,” she went on. “I never realized that if I didn’t stop caring . . . this moment would never happen.”

She said she “let it go” when “I made the decision to stop trying to find who I am [as a singer] and followed my heart.”

What do you think about Swift’s decision to speak out against Spotify?  Sound off below.

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