Teyana Taylor, best known for her role in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Family Reunion was reportedly punched Thursday night at the Supper Club in Las Angeles, California. Reports are saying that Teyana was seen at the club greeting her good friend and NBA baller for the Washington Wizards Nick Young, but obviously the greeting was too “friendly” for his girlfriend who also was in attendance. Teyana later was then seen punched in face by Nick Young’s girlfriend. Read inside for more details on this story.

According to MrsGrapevine.com, Taylor and Young have been good friends for awhile now and was recently last seen together at a basketball charity event at the LA Sports Muesuem last week.

 The drama starts when Nick Young, his girlfriend, and Teyana all appear at the Supper Club Thursday night and sources say both Young and Taylor greeted eachother with a hug that his girlfriend did not approve of. Although his girlfriend was standing right beside Young, Teyana proceeded to hug Young even after the girlfriend aggressively removed her arms from his neck. ……this is when the drama unfolds. Teyana is said to have thrown a drink directly  in the girlfriend’s face which causes her to retaliate by punching her in her face! Young and his girlfriend immediately fled the scene before anyone else could be hurt.

Teyana has yet to acknowledge the fight but  is supposed to be celebrating her birthday soon in L.A  again and we wonder will their be a part 2 to this unfortunate altercation. We will keep you posted on anymore updates.

Wasn’t Teyana punched earlier this year by a movie director?…….what do you think about her new drama?

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