Word on the street is that Teyana Taylor Signed To Good Music Label! While on the “Steph Lova Program” on DTFRadio.com from 9-11pm (shameless plug), personality Steph Lova was supposed to conduct a Teyana Taylor interview over the phone. However, that interview never happened because Kanye West called Teyana Taylor into the studio to do some work.

The HipHopGossipSite reported that if you knows anything about Kanye West, you know never disturb him while he’s working in the studio. That is a complete no no in Kanye’s world! Trust me! I’ve heard the stories about folks trying to interrupt him while he’s working and its never a good story.

To apologize for Teyana Taylor’s absence, her publicist did give the “Steph Lova Program” some good news in that Teyana Taylor has officially signed to the “Good Music” label, but the press release with that statement won’t be released until probably Monday. WOW … TT keep up the great work…

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