We got access to TGT’s Behind the Scenes video of ‘Sex Never Felt Better‘. Oh yes nothing like some good old fashion BUMP & GRIND music from the big homies TGT better known as  Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank.

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When you think of the big homies Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank your mind drift back to the sexy 1990’s and the oh wee early 2000s. The era just after the New Jack Swing.


Hip Hop and R&B was finding a great blend in music. You had Tyrese crooning “Sweet Lady” on just about every radio station known to man. You had Ginuwine suggesting that his ‘Pony‘ was the best ride around town. Then we had Tank lamenting on a failed relationship in “Maybe I Deserve“.


To bridge these voices and very grown man themes together is a dream come true for real R&B listeners. We are hoping and praying that the true form of R&B will return to us. Just when we thought we would be holding our breath for FOREVER and a DAY, we got access to the Behind the scenes  of ‘Sex Never Felt Better‘.

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WOW! We can’t wait. What do you think about TGT?


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