The Crooks who Robbed 2 Chainz Post on Instagram

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In dumb criminal news the guys who robbed 2 Chainz is on Instagram straight flexing; they want everybody to know that they got his license and credit cards.

Where they do that at?

Check it out after the break!

We watched in HORROR as 2 Chainz ran for his life and get jacked a couple of weeks back. We wondered about the BOLD crooks who decided to jack the homie in broad daylight for the world to see. That takes BALLS to brandish a gun in front of a group of witnesses and surveillance cameras.

But their balls don’t stop at being jackers; they are Instagram stars who like to BOAST. obtained an Instagram photo from user “Lilg04″ where he showcases 2 Chainz’s (born Tauheed Epps) stolen driver’s license and bank card.

Check out the tomfoolery below:



We can’t make this stuff up. Who jacks somebody and then post on their INSTAGRAM that they jacked that somebody?

It is comical. These fools are going to learn about putting all of their business on social media.

We are sure that the police will be knocking at their door in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. DING DONG FOOL.

2 Chainz foresaw this because he posted this on Twitter:


So what do you think about the Instagram Jacker?

Leave your comments below.

Pictures via: ALLHIPHOP.COM

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3 Comments to “The Crooks who Robbed 2 Chainz Post on Instagram”

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  2. ITSMEAGAIN says:

    These are the dumbest fools I ever say… They deserve to get their as* lock up who actually goes around bragging like this , its not nothing to brag about with the advance technology we have today, theses dumbest are going to get caught… I bet they didn’t have the sense to make a dummy account nor used a computer that is untraceable.

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