Hip-hop is very drama filled due to the massive egos involved within the genre. Those same egos are needed to become successful, to a degree, what results is a lot of feuds and eventual reconciliations.


There was one feud that seemed it would never be squashed and that is the G-Unit versus Game beef, but in Dubai (February 17) a photo was posted on Game’s Instagram profile capturing him and G-Unit member Lloyd Banks.

This photo would have you believe that the two are at least now cordial since the fallout of The Game and G-Unit back in 2005 which led to multiple diss songs and even a shooting outside Hot 97. While The Game has been cool with Young Buck, another member of the group, their relationship seem to build from when Buck was kicked out himself.

This however is the first time Game has been spotted with what is considered the core, Banks, Yayo and 50 Cent, since that ugly 2005 spat. While it could just mean the two are putting on because they both had shows in Dubai, it brings a glimmer of hope that some music can still happen. Now if you can get 50 Cent and Game together the world might shut down.

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