The homies LaTavia Roberson & Meelah Williams are doing their THANG. The two lovely DIVAS are apart of one of the hottest reality shows and they are cover girls for BE Entertained Magazine’s #VOLTAGE Music Issue. My girls got it going on.

Check out the details below.

Meelah and Latavia have been DIVAS for quite sometime now we get to see them in all their glory on the new season of R&B Divas Atlanta. BE Magazine got a chance to sit with the hot girl from the 702 and one of Destiny’s child to talk about life after and their blossoming careers.

In the exclusive interview, the ladies were very candid about their past experiences with their prospective groups, motherhood, and what they plan on bringing to the R&B Divas table.

Meelah on 702′s Support of her New R&B Divas Role


I haven’t spoke to them, I don’t know how they’re going to feel. Hopefully they will BE supportive, there’s no BEef or anything. I think they will acknowledge the fact that I did not throw anyone under the bus or I did not give the real tea about what happened…

LaTavia on Destiny’s Child


Honestly, working with Destiny Child was one of the greatest things to have ever happened. I would never want to take that journey out of my life, for it has made me the person that I am today. I genuinely like good music and I love them (referring to Kelly, BEyonce and Latoya); the situation had nothing to do with us, so I support them to the fullest…

Meelah on Working with LaTavia

I was so happy (finding out she was joining); it made this opportunity even BEtter. We go way back, from the 702 and Destiny’s Child days. We got this dramatic story about how we met at church, and I fell in love with her…

LaTavia on Working with Meelah

The first time I met Meelah and 702 was at a rehearsal when I was with Destiny’s Child, since then I’ve run into Meelah at a few engagements. However, there was one particular time that I can recall running into her. I was attending a church service, and this was during the time in which my situation with Destiny’s Child had happened, I guess it was her situation at that moment too, and she was knelt at the alter. So I went to her and prayed with her…

You can catch Meelah & LaTavia on R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 airing Wednesdays at 10PM/9PM Central on TV1.
Photographer: Ahmad BarBEr | Lead Stylist: Carter James | Assistant Stylist: Lee Hardnett | Makeup: Geno Freeman (LaTavia), Chevon Doley (Meelah) | Hair: Dallas Christopher (LaTavia), Shornell McNeal (Meelah) | Creative Direction: Dane Young

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