There’s a whole lot of finger pointing going around between the Nida’s, and almost everyone these days, it seems.

Was Phaedra behind the torrid secret NeNe had been keeping locked away? And is a charity tarnishing the brand of Apollo?  Not that those looming fraud charges are helping?

Find out whats what below.

People have been whispering about this shocking new NeNe revelation, that had never before seen mugshot photo’s of the reality star all over the web. People are questioning how Star mag would be behind the expose.

I’m staying far away from any personal questions I may have, not that I do, because I support all the gals, though not always their hi jinks.

But a new blog is pointing the finger square at Phaedra.

Backfence Chat, who’s had their eye on this scandal, and have been reporting on it since day one, claims Phaedra was the one who told NeNe’s estranged family members about her arrests.

From Backfence Chat

Some people have questioned the culprit behind Nene Leakes’s criminal past being exposed. Accusing Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton, and Star Jones.

A member of Nene Leakes’s family spilled the tea to me. I was told by the family member, Phaedra Parks pulled up Nene Leakes’s mugshots and criminal history in front of her, Kandi, and Sheree a while (years) back. Phaedra Parks outed Nene to the family member (allegedly).

Don’t shoot the messenger. Plus I’m sure Phedra can handle herself.

Now on to Apollo.

Look, I got a lot of luv, and respect for Apollo. And though these new charges hes facing are disappointing, we all fall short of the glory of the Creator so I’m still holding out hope for a positive outcome.

But it seem while Nida is in the fight of his life, it seems a charity is trying to crucify the man over wanting traveling expenses for a charity event.

In a lengthy video[ok it was 4 mins, but it felt longer than the Ten Commandments posting Apollo says:

In a video posted on Youtube Apollo explains,
“They sent over the contract. Upon signing the contract is 50% deposit which is fully refundable if I don’t show and or if something happens where I can’t show. At that point the contract was never signed, no money was even exchanged and the next thing you know it’s going viral that Apollo is trying to run a scam on a charity foundation. That is totally false.”
“The $2000? That was my fee for going. It wasn’t for profit. It was for lodging, for flight, for food, clothes etc…For someone to do this to me is complete erratic behavior.”

“At the end of the day for you to try to mess up a brand like Nida Fitness…Apollo Nida is a brand. And so for you to say something so derogatory…No one has ever said Apollo has done bad business with them…At the end of the day I’m upset…I’ve done nothing wrong.”

One things for sure, the Nida’s aren’t lacking for a dull moment.

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