The ladies of “The Real” chat about  John Mayer and Katy Perry on again off again relationship. The ladies chat about how that GOOD GOOD can make a woman lose her sense and stay in a relationship that’s not the best.

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According to the ladies from The Real Katy Perry must be sprung off that good good because she keeps going back to John Mayer. Check it out:

The Ladies on Katy Perry Getting Back Together With John Mayer:

Adrienne: Alright, well I have a question for everyone, y’all ready for this one? Why do some of the most beautiful and successful women keep going back to, like, the same losers over and over again? I don’t know if y’all know who I’m talking about…

 Tamar: Who you talkin’ about girl?

 Loni: Who?

Adrienne: And I really like her cause I met her at RiRi’s concert in New York at Barclays, but Katy Perry man, and how she keeps going back to John Mayer.  I don’t know if any of you guys saw this, but, they were together over Fourth of July weekend, and tweeted it and everything.

Jeannie: “Whose star and broad stripes” was the caption on the tweet.

Tamera: Wait, but isn’t this a trend for John Mayer, cause if I am not mistaken…

Loni: No.

 Tamera: No it is, ‘cause Jessica Simpson broke up with him and she went back. Then Jennifer Aniston broke up with him. I’m saying it must be the ‘ting ting.’ That’s what I call my little baby boy’s ‘ting ting.’  That’s what I think.

 Tamar: But you know there must be something about Katy Perry because they’re the two that keeps getting back together.  Everyone else he just dumps.  You know like, she must have the zing zing for the ting ting.

 Tamera: Maybe.

 Loni: This was the third time. This is the third time they got back together and the way she got him this time, this third time was, is she did an interview for Vanity Fair and she put in there that she really missed him. He saw it and they got back together. That’s how you get back together, yeah.

 Tamar: Yeah that’s kinda cute.

 Jeannie: I want to know, who can verify, what has he done wrong?  What, what has he done?

 Adrienne: He asked for the ring, he got her a ring.

 Jeannie: K.

 Adrienne: Right, a 14 karat ring, and I guess when they broke up…

 Tamar: 14 karat?

 Adrienne: Like the karat, not karat gold, like the karat of the diamond, or whatever it was, it was like a ruby or something.

 Tamar: Oh okay, okay. Girl you scared me. Okay, okay I’m back.

 Adrienne: And he asked for it back, he was like, when they broke up, he was like “Um, I’m gonna need that back.”

Tamar: Oh no!

Adrienne: To add injury to insult.

Tamar: No

 Jeannie: That’s bad.

 Tamar: He did?!

 Adrienne: Yes.

 Tamar: And she took him back after that? Girl no!

 Adrienne: I think that is public humiliation.

 Tamera: But, have you guys seen John Mayer in concert? I have, and he’s sexy.

 Jeannie: It’s magical.

 Tamar: He’s sexy, but…

 Adrienne: His body ain’t no wonderland.

 Tamar: Yeah, but what’s not sexy is when you break up with someone and you ask for the ring back. It’s like that’s not cute. That’s not sexy.

 Tamera: I agree with that, I agree.

 Loni: And I was done with John Mayer when he did that interview and he said that black girls don’t make his wee wee go up.  I was done with him. Remember that? Remember when he said that? Yeah, he said that.

 Adrienne: To just make a statement like that such a broad statement, you’re doing a lot.

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