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There is a bit of a hip hop Civil War breaking out at the moment.  There is the more publicized feuds between Meek Mill and Drake, as well as Rick Ross and 50 Cent. Well recently Meek Mill took shots at 50 on ‘’Gave Em Hope” off part one of his 4-4 EP. While Rick Ross has MMG, 50 has G-Unit and their member Kidd Kidd is trying to get Meek’s attention.


During a 50 Cent concert in New York this past weekend; Kidd Kid dissed Meek Mill and Gunplay.

“Drake could’ve fucked yo bitch if it wasn’t for Wayne / Let’s play a game of truth or dare, dare you speak my name / And tell Gunplay he gon’ need gunplay if he wanna get his chain / I had to get me out the mud, I come from the bottom”

Meek Mill is gonna be on his way to most dissed rapper in 2016 at this rate.






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