Tiny Talks About Her Marriage, With T.I. The Kids, & Sex

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Tameka Cottle-Harris also known as Tiny from the 90′s R&B group Xscape recently opened up about her family and marriage to rapper T.I. in the new issue of Vibe Magazine. The couple just celebrated 6 months of marriage last month and although he is currently serving time in an Arkansas correctional facility for violating the terms of his probation, he certainly makes his presence known by surprising his wife with flowers and gifts on their anniversary. Tiny tweeted pictures of gifts that she received from her husband on their wedding anniversary and recently on Valentines Day.


Tiny calls her family “The Harris Bunch”, with she and T.I. only sharing the two youngest children, but together they have six kids, four from previous relationships and she says they are all her children. While T.I. is completing his sentence, she is throwing herself into her work such as focusing on oldest daughter Zonnique’s girl group The OMG Girlz and planning to open a second spa and nail salon in Atlanta, but also toying with the idea of a Sex and the City type reality show with her business partner Keisha Miles. She also spends every other Sunday and Monday in Arkansas to visit T.I., but say they also communicate via e-mail. Here’s the interview tell me what you think?


“It’s been like a roller coaster. Tip came home at the end of ’09, around Christmas time last year, and it was about getting the family back together.” But his career demanded attention, and he soon began work on his seventh album, No Mercy, as well as his third movie role [Takers]. “He started going back to work, so we was back to our regular schedule,” she recalls. “And then we got married. That was the high of the year, and then three months later he was gone—back again.”


After being together for years, Tip and Tiny finally tied the knot last July, months after his release on federal weapons charges. “Jamie Foxx sung me down the aisle, and El DeBarge sung our first song,” Tiny recalls with a smile. Their guest list read like a past and present awards show lineup: Usher, Nelly, Ashanti, Trina, as well as fellow R&B-turned-reality-stars Toya, Monica, and Kandi Burress. “Jermaine Dupri DJ-ed for us; he was a great DJ. The reception was like a big, big party, so I had a ball,” she says with a chuckle. “Everybody was there. Everybody was drunk. Tons and tons of guests came to see us. It was great.”


“I’ve been with him before he was all of that, and once he became this big sex symbol… I understood what was going to come with it because I had already been in the business,” she says. Tiny and T.I. began dating in 2001; and they’ve learned to adapt to the stresses of a showbiz relationship. “I’m just comfortable in my position and where I stand and what our values are,” says Tiny. “We’re on the same page. Plus, understand I’m with him maybe 85, 95 percent of the time. A lot of times, while all of the attention is going down, I’m right there. I never have to tell someone to back off. Normally he does it first. If it gets that far, he never lets it get disrespectful.”


“We didn’t really get a chance to go on a honeymoon, because he had to go to work three days after the wedding,” she says. They flew to Los Angeles for the premiere of Tip’s film Takers, and made plans for a honeymoon. “We were just enjoying life. The day that we got caught in California, when the incident happened, we were supposed to be going to the Virgin Islands, because he can’t really go a lot of places, so we had to find somewhere where we could just go. But they were having a hurricane and we weren’t able to go. And when I think back, I’m just like, ‘Why wasn’t we there? Because if we were, we wouldn’t be having this trouble right now. But you know, things happen for a reason. It is what it is.”

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11 Comments to “Tiny Talks About Her Marriage, With T.I. The Kids, & Sex”

  1. vision says:

    Yep, u said it right, it is what it is!

  2. Kennedi says:

    “I’m comfortable with my position”…I bet she is. She ain’t got no damn choice

  3. RidingFinest says:

    @Kenned…….stop acting like T.I. put her ass on she was already stacking paper. She should be comfortable with her position, she has her own.

  4. Sweet T says:

    Agree w/ Kennedi…she has no other choice. If my man BOUGHT me everything…I would stay in my lane toooo…lol

  5. Sweet T says:

    ANd come on now yall know she was NEVER the hot one (singing wise…looking wise either) in Xscape…lol. I’m sure she did get paper with them..(but that was a group not solo). And she wasn’t even the lead singer…so you know she got a straight group percentage…not the lead singer….but still like you Tiny….:-)

  6. I wish T.I. & TINY nothing but the best, i’m not going to sit in judgement of these 2 individuals. We all have had our own share of mess that we’ve gotten caught up in, that even we could learn from and not make the same wrong decisions again on.

    People talk about the way TINY looks, but one thing is for certain, she has her own money and a now HUSBAND who will buy her what she wants if he can afford to get it for her.

  7. Kennedi says:

    Ain’t actn like “TI put her on”…the fact is, he’s the one that’s “on” and relevant now. He got hoes everywhere and Tiny know it. She bet not say nothing, know her role and shut the hell up…period.

  8. yap that is wet a married man do

  9. gaza baby says:

    not because T.I. hot he must feel that he could get all girl……….and same girl so fxxking doum……….anyway if he will not do right leave him alon girl

  10. gaza girl says:

    i like u gazababy ………. tell her the trinidad way

  11. keyonnalamb says:

    i love the omggirlz

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