Over the weekend Toya & Tamar held one of the biggest in-stores I have ever seen. Saturday’s edition of the new Orleans Essence Festival, for me, was one of the best days ever. At first, it was rainy…and when I mean rainy, I mean that New Orleans rain where you couldn’t see more than 15ft in front of you. Soon after the rain cleared, I got a chance to experience New Orleans in it’s finest or should I say wettest. After walking around the convention center, I had a chance to kick it with the homie Toya Wright and Tamar Braxton. One of Toya’s and Tamar close friends, Shaunie O’Neal was also there to show support.

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Toya and Tamar held a meet and greet along with giving their fans an opportunity to purchase their products at Toya’s store Garb on Magazine Street. Over 2100 people came out after they announced on the radio that the two would be at the store.

Toya’s industry father ‘Baby’ was also in the building to support his family along side his baby girl Bria…

The lovely Reginae Baby Carter was in the building along with her best friend Lolo… Look at them taking pic’s with fans. Awww so sweet!!! LOL

After the event that was only suppose to last for 2 hours, Toya extended the event to make sure every fan who stood  in the rain and heat some for over 7 hours just to come in and meet the ladies took photos and got a autographed.

While there, Tamar and her husband Vince who was there to support his wife in her new business venture – clothing line called (gobuyit.com).  While at the event I got a chance to meet some of New Orleans finest and Toya’s loving family.

In the building, was Mama Cita(Lil Wayne’s Mother) who had to come out and support her baby girl buying hair and all she could, but get this, Toya’s mother who a few months ago had family drama like we all do has now come back around and looks great.

She’s also decided to take on an entrepreneurial spirit and working with her daughter and family members to sell a new hair line. But to get all those details, go down to the store to for the finest human hair.

Toya also signed autographs for those who purchased her book.   I also got to meet Toya’s father and brothers.

Toya is getting ready to make a major announcement that deals with Walmart. So, all you haters push back cause the homie is about to get that check! If you’re ever in New Orleans, stop by Garb. One of the top Reality/TV show producers James Dubois brought his family support Toya. James told me he has some big plans with some people in Atlanta. (Hint, Hint). So, stay tuned! (Hint, Hint).

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