Rosie Perez stops through Atlanta to promote her new book “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life”. The invite only event was held at Mali Hunter’s Tree Sound Studios. The evening consisted of delicious food, drinks, and lively conversation powered by Rosie Perez and Mali Hunter.


Check out the details below.


Rosie Perez is a trending topic these days with her new gig on ABC’s “The View” and her new bookHandbook for an Unpredictable Life“. The iconic star stopped through my girl Mali Hunter‘s Tree Sound Studio for an evening of fine dining, drinks, and candid conversation about her new book. Mali and Rosie sat comfortably before a room full of media, industry taste makers, celebrities, and friends to dicusss Rosie Perez’s new book that’s full of inspiration, thought, and HIP HOP.

I learned a couple of things about Ms. Perez last night including:

Rosie Perez runs a non profit called Urban Arts Partnership that works with youth in New York and Los Angeles. She calls it an elevated “School House Rocks. The organization creates civic minded leaders, overcome being victims, and educated lovers of art.

She became a choreographer when she was asked to help Bobby Brown learn how to dance after leaving New Edition. She said that the $1200 check made her consider a career in choreography and the rest is history.

Her favorite group to work with back in the day was Heavy D and the Boys. She said they were like her brothers. Unlike other industry guys they were very respectful and FUN.


She loved working with LL COOL J who was all business and respect. Rosie shared that during this time it was very creative and they would live, eat, sleep, how to create and work together.

Tupac was a great friend of Rosie’s and that his media persona was a smart part of who he was a person. She shares that Tupac masked a lot of pain behind his big smile and larger than life personality.

As you can see Rosie Perez shared a lot during her visit to Atlanta. We got a chance to hear her read the preface of “Handbook for an Unpredictable Life” and it’s bananas. I got my copy of the hot new book. If you love Hip Hop and a good story of beating the odds this is the book for you.

Check out the fun we had below.

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