Looks like there was some off the screen Half-time performances just as HOT  as the onscreen ones during the Superbowl. Trina Braxton was joined by her entire family at the Bass Mint, in Atlanta as everyone cheered on her magnificent SOLO Performance debuting her new single. (Keeping the title & release date under lock and key until the time is right). Toni Braxton accompanied by Tamar,Traci,Momma Evelyn and her boo The Doctor, Toni’s ex husband Kerri, Gabe (Trina’s husband), Poppa Bear Braxton was even there, no wait! Andre(Towanda’s husband) was even there still on babysitting duty. One thing I heard everyone agree on is that “TRINA Turner oops! BRAXTON’S performance was EPIC! She had all the right moves, the FITS were HOT! Looked like some Versace to me! Go head then Mrs Trina Braxton (if you nasty!) Put yo drink up in the air!!!! If you didn’t come to party TB says “GO HOME!”

Take a peak at the pics:
Traci, Trina and Tamar Braxton

               Tamar talking shop(ping) that is with Seven74 accessory Boutique Owner Kash Howard
Toni & Towanda “Got Back” Braxton Spotted at Trina’s Superbowl “Performance Debut”

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