Party or Go Home! (available on iTunes) Support my Girl Trina Braxton !You looking good!  Shaking THAT CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE in her new Music Video! Let’s all pull together and be on a mission to make this song the Summer National Anthem! I know my girl Trina Braxton said she wanted to party like a Rock Star but I didn’t know she was gonna be looking like a Movie Star “Go ahead baby in those Dorothy Dandrige feathers designed by House of Chapelle “Reco Chappelle” straight out of the ATL! The choreographer “Victor Jackson” has been on fire since he debuted on the Kandi Factory  on Bravo showing no mercy! I have one question. Gabe who?

Derek Blanks is really serious about this music Video Directing Gig, maybe I can start shooting Alter Ego Photos now. Hit me up yall! Party or Go Home! I just want to know if you all were partying with that new “Cherry Noir” Vodka by Grey Goose Spirits? It tastes like heaven in a bottle. I don’t see no drinks in the air 🙁

No her name ain’t Baby it’s BRAXTON if you Nasty! I love it Babygirl! You Look Sooooo HOT!!! I love it!!

Everyone was truly getting it in! Can’t wait to see the Video completed! I hope I get invited to the Video Release Party.


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